Day to identify and elaborate priorities

The day began for the Capitulars with a very important task. The Chapter met in mixed linguistic groups and had the task of studying the list of ten words that were selected the previous day. Now they had to make a new list of six words, to then be formulated into six priorities, which will serve as the priorities for the next six years. This work of reducing the list does not mean eliminating some aspects of our life and mission; rather it is to give priority to some other very important aspects for us today.

The second part of the work was to select the list of priorities for implementation in the general planning. In addition, the groups presented each list in an ordered manner in order to evaluate it according to the priority that each one discerned. This work resulted in the list of priorities for the Congregation at this time:

1. Identity and giving witness to the charism.


3. Evangelisation and New Evangelisation

4. Formation and Passionist spirituality

5. The Laity

6. Youth

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Afterward the Capitulars gathered again in groups to work on each of these priorities according to the interests of the Chapter delegates, and thus give a sense of direction to the programming.

The criteria used in this process were:

  • Create activities dealing with the topic.
  • Present the priorities to the Chapter members in the aula so they can listen to them, discern, and then vote on them.
  • Find a balance between the generic and the specific dimension of each activity to be performed.
  • Discern each priority within the context of each Configuration.
  • Think as a Congregation, rather than as individuals.
  • Express points in clear language rather than philosophically.
  • Prioritize the items on the list.

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In the afternoon the groups gathered together to work on a substantial body of material. Each one of them contained three actions steps that could be implemented in the various plans of the Configurations. It was clarified that these actions are not yet approved definitively, because all of them must again be discussed by the Chapter, and they will have to be organized or re-elaborated into a text by the Redaction Committee. This work will keep some of the criteria that were already discussed and studied by the Chapter delegates in the working groups and in the Aula. Then the Chapter members discussed the text to fine tune it further.

The group of Capitulars voiced the need to create a space to identify and discuss more about the qualities for leadership that the next Superior General will need to possess. There were many significant comments on this matter and therefore it was necessary to allocate time for this dialogue. After evaluating the first fifteen days of the Chapter work, the Chapter delegates met for prayer in one of the chapels of our Generalate of Sts. John and Paul.


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  1. Drareg Neirbo says:

    Do all Catholic orders use ‘words’ to identify and choose priorities? I wonder what this achieves in the long run? Seems a bit removed from reality.

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